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Suzhou Tianhao Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.Tianhao is a company committed to research, development, manufacturing and sales of gasoline & Bi-fuel engine management systems, and has already been in good cooperation with many vehicle manufacturers both domestic and abroad. 


We are specialized in engine management system integration, including integration of gasoline engine management systems, gas systems and bi-fuel engine management systems. We have become an enterprise that can offer a large scope of engine management systems with world class quality. 


ECU is a key component in EMS system. We have invited a lot of domestic and foreign technology talents, and also formed a team of ECU R&D which enables us to customize engine electronic control units and engine management systems for different manufacturers. 


Our solutions can cover engines with VVT, GDI, turbocharge and FSI technologies.


We applied a series of methods such as 5S management, product traceability control and so on, in order to make sure the management is of high standard and effectiveness.


By cooperating with other excellent companies of automotive parts in china, we now have formed a huge EMS integration platform which enables us to supply perfect EMS solutions for both domestic and foreign car manufacturers.BLM-LZNF products are for after market sales in Iran .


As oil prices have being rising and environment worsening, alternative and green fuel solutions become more and more imperative for automobile industries. We have been devoted into developing gas engine systems since our establishment.


Professional R&D team, advanced equipments and detailed field management are best guarantee of us to provide high quality products and service to alternative fuel cars.


Tianhao is always market-oriented, in order to meet up the potential upcoming demand of bi-fuel OEM car manufacturing, we have accomplished our first bi-fuel engine management system in compliance with automotive standards to maintain a better security, standard, quality and service, unknown potential risks from aftermarket are totally avoided.


We try hard as ever to meet up market demand, we hear each and every voice of our customers, we provide our service effectively and fast, all we have as feedback from our customers is high recognition and appreciation, our market map is getting bigger and bigger.


Tianhao, as an active player who is trying to lead the automotive industry in EMS in China, is bringing a big milestone of national brand, and contributing more and more intelligence to national automotive industry.


The road ahead of Tianhao leads us to a higher and better place, we will work as hard as ever to provide opportunities for our staff to fulfill their careers, to create more valves for our industry and society, and to develop a better environment for human beings, wherever there is a car, there will be TIANHAO!