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Engine Control Systems


Tianhao is a company committed to research, development, manufacturing and sales of gasoline & Bi-fuel engine management systems, and has already been in good cooperation with many vehicle manufacturers both domestic and abroad.


We are specialized in engine management system integration, including integration of gasoline engine management systems, gas systems and bi-fuel engine management systems. We have become an enterprise that can offer a large scope of engine management systems with world class quality.


ECU is a key component in EMS system. We have invited a lot of domestic and foreign technology talents, and also formed a team of ECU R&D which enables us to customize engine electronic control units and engine management systems for different manufacturers. Our HD013 ECU series include: gasoline engine control system HD013G, Bi-fuel engine control system HD013B, and GDI engine control system HD013D;


Our solutions can cover engines with VVT, GDI, turbocharge and FSI technologies.

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